Visual Moving Average Indicator




Real-Time Price Movement at a Glance with the VMA

The VMA is one of our premium technical analysis indicators in our new range. It aims to show you exactly what price is doing, it is a price action indicator. It keep’s things very simple and will show you at a glance if price is moving higher or lower. This vital information can be used in a number of ways. The VMA is based on a moving average and VMA literally means visual moving average. By examining the VMA you will be able to better time your entry into the market and also have the confidence to hold your position longer.

In real-time you will see where price is headed, if the histogram is blue and growing in size price is moving higher if it turns red and starts to shrink in size then price is moving lower, it really is that simple. So once you understand if price is moving higher or lower you are now better informed on what way to place your trade in the market or if you are already in a position and price is moving in your favour you can stay with the trend longer. You can better pin point the end of a dip in the market or predict a market top with ease.


Indicator feature List:

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    Simple Install
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    Easy Colours
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    Directional Movement
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    Custom Inputs
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    Custom Colours
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    Indicator Documentation
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    Dedicated Online Support
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How to trade it:

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