Value Chart Indicator


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Pinpoint Market Extremes with Needle-Like Precision and Accuracy with the Value Chart Indicator

The Value Chart Indicator (VC) uses an innovative charting technique designed to pinpoint overbought and oversold territory. It shows you when a particular market is at an extreme level and is likely to reverse. The levels plotted on the chart are as follows:

  • Significantly Overbought : Greater than 8

  • Moderately Overbought : Greater than 4

  • Fair Value : Between -4 and 4

  • Moderately Oversold : Less than -4

  • Significantly Oversold : Less than -8

When the value chart indicator reaches a significant level the bar is coloured appropriately to indicate a long or a short opportunity. It turns red when an instrument is significantly overbought (short opportunity) and blue when significantly oversold (long opportunity).

This indicator is particularly useful for ‘scalping’ (extremely short term trading) in a sideways market, where there is limited movement taking place, rather than a trending market undergoing larger swing movements.

The Value Chart Indicator (VC) gives you the inside track on what the market is doing ahead of your competition, so make sure you buy one and put it to good use on your charts.

Indicator feature List:

  • Simple Install
  • Easy Colours
  • Real-Time
  • Directional Movement
  • Custom Inputs
  • Custom Colours
  • Alerts

Included Customer Support:

  • Indicator Documentation
  • Dedicated Online Support
  • Support Videos

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