Our Trading Software is what we use everyday in our own trading.

Trading software is any software which helps you trade the stock market. This can be trading systems, trading indicators or even the trading platform you use to see your charts.

At Dynamite Indicator we have developed our own day trading software and swing trading software. Which one you need is based on what you wish to achieve from the stock market.

day trading software

Our Day Trading Software is known as the DayTraderOne, it is designed for the day trader (someone who professionally trades all day long) it has all the features you would expect from day trading software. It has entry and exit signals, a signal to show you when the market is ranging and not a good time to enter and a trailing stop which also highlights key support and resistance areas. We use the DayTraderOne in most of our day trading, using it mainly on Forex and US Indices but also on US Stocks.

To Use the DayTraderOne you will need to have time to trade it, one of the advantages of day trading is very small stops because its used on such small time frames, a typical Forex trade has a 10 point stop with a 50 point first target.

Who Is Day Trading For?

Those with time to trade

Those who want Daily profit

Those who want small stops

Those who want to grow their account quick

Those who want regular trades

Those happy to watch just a few markets

Swing Trading Software

Our Swing Trading Software is known as the Home Trading System,this is the first software which Chris created back in 2008. It also has Buy and Sell Signals and a Trailing Stop. The Home Trading System is designed for Swing Traders or people in full time Jobs without the time to day trade.

The Home Trading System is incredibly easy to use, it generates a buy or sell signal with a stop and you enter it into your broker then everyday it will give you a new stop to update into your broker until you get an exit signal.

It was designed while Chris was still in a full time job and it gave him the finances and confidence in trading to be able to leave his high paid IT job to become a full time trader. The System is fully designed for someone with little time to trade each day, it can even email you as trades set up so you can get in the trades from your mobile phone.

The Home Trading System is still the system we use today to make all of our swing trades and long term investments.

Who Is Swing Trading For?

Those with Full time job or limited time to train

Some who has the patience to wait days for a trade

Those happy to grow their account gradually

Those who want an incredibly relaxed style of trading

Those who don’t like watching charts

Those who want to watch numerous instruments

Please choose the trading software which best suites your needs

Day Trading Software


(Day Trading Software)


Home Trading System

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Scalp Trading Software

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