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Our Swing Trading Software enables you to make better, faster and smarter trading decisions straight out of the box.

Our custom algorithm and innovative features combine into a fully integrated real-time trading system, designed to make your trading as simple and straightforward as it can be. Our Swing Trading Software is compatible with a variety of charting platforms and works on all time frames and all markets it can be used as a Stock Trading System and a Forex Trading System. It can even be run on tick charts, momentum bars and range bars.

How Easy is your swing trading software to trade?

What is included?

  • The Home Trading System

  • The Home Trading System Momentum

  • Free Upgrades

  • The Dynamite Indicators Trading Basics

  • Home Trading System Training Centre

  • Training Videos

  • A Dedicated Support Site

  • Support Videos

  • Priority Email Support

  • Optional Remote Install

swing trading software

No matter whether you’re a completely new trader or you have been trading some time, this PDF will give you the knowledge you need to trade the Home Trading System.

We started trading this in the office back in mid 2011 and it was so profitable we turned it into a PDF, make sure your check this one out!

What do our customers say?

More about the HTS: The System begins here with its 7 Core Features!

The Home Trading System is a modular system composed of seven core features most of which can be switched on or off as required, to suit your trading style.

Painted Bars

The Home Trading System automatically paints your bars or candlesticks blue or red so that you can clearly see the market trends as they start and monitor them as they continue. When a new Trigger Bar appears, marking a change in market direction, painted bars will be very obvious on the chart. So now there is no need to try and ‘second guess’ the market, you can just let the Home Trading System do all the hard work for you. This feature is great for trading psychology as you can see at a glance what’s happening in the market and trade what you see.


Trigger Bars (with Initial Stop)

At the heart of the Home Trading System is an algorithm which works in real-time to deliver extremely accurate and vital trading signals to you. As the momentum in a given market moves from one direction to another, a turning point is created, which is instantly detected and highlighted by a small blue or red dot on your screen. These dots also act as your first stop of the trade so you have a stop loss to protect you if the trade moves the wrong way. This is the main buy/sell signal for the Home Trading System.


EntryZone has now been completely redesigned for our new swing traders club which is starting in 2014. The Last thing any trader wants is to enter a trade on an over extended market with a huge stop loss. EntryZone overcomes this problem by checking the 60 minute timeframe for a pullback in the market. It’s a powerful feature.



StopTrail has been designed and built into the Home Trading System to take all the hassle out of calculating and re-calculating your ‘stop-losses’. It does this for you automatically, following your trades in real-time as it plots a series of small white dots for easy visual reference, indicating where you should place your stop-loss to achieve the maximum effect. StopTrail is a fantastic addition to the Home Trading System in that all you have to do once you’re in a trade is wait for StopTrail to alert you of your next stop placement and you know your profits are safe.


ProfitLocker is an alternative trailing stop which has been developed and built into the Home Trading System for those situations where you have already achieved a nice profit. Perhaps you want to lock that profit in and minimize the chances of losing it? Perhaps you are worried about an imminent market reversal? This is where ProfitLocker comes in. ProfitLocker offers a slightly tighter stop distance, this is not what you want to be using for every day trading but if you have reached your target but think you may get a little more then ProfitLocker can definitely keep some extra points.


Painted Averages

To help you speed up and enhance your trading decisions we have built into the Home Trading System three of the major Moving Averages which the vast majority of professional traders like to watch. The Painted Averages change colour, depending on which side of the line the price is, to provide you with a further visual indication of exactly where the price is heading. With the price above the average, the line will turn blue and with the price below the average, the line will turn red. Interestingly, as price has a natural tendency to want to return to its average, these lines can really help to influence your trading decisions.

Home Trading System Squeeze

This next addition to the Home Trading System is our own updated version of an indicator more commonly known as the ‘Squeeze’ Indicator. It aims to capture breakout moves by using the Bollinger Bands relationship to the Keltner Channels. When the Bollinger Bands breakout of the Keltner Channels, the indicator fires a squeeze indicated by a bright white dot on the zero-line. A trade can be taken in the direction of the momentum when a white dot is present. The momentum is plotted as a histogram on the bottom of your chart with a dotted line, if the bars are blue with white dots this is a confirmation that momentum is long, if the bars are red with white dots then momentum is short, if you are getting grey dots then the market is indecisive and probably a bad time to trade.


Even more Great Features!


Home Trading System Radar

TradeStation offers a fantastic feature called RadarScreen which is an advanced quotes screen which lets you watch all your instruments at a glance. It also allows us to code indicators for it. So now you can drop the Home Trading System onto your RadarScreen and be alerted if anything changes. You will get an email if you get a Trigger Bar if Entry Zone fires or if your Stop changes, this really does take the hard work out of scanning for trades.

Simple Email Alerts

The Home Trading System also offers Simple Email Alerts for features such as Trigger Bars, EntryZone, StopTrail or ProfitLocker. Setting this feature up can be a hassle sometimes so we have a dedicated SMTP server set up to handle all of your alerts across all of your technical indicators and trading systems, so that you don’t need to worry about the technical side of things at all, which can often be quite complicated in this area.


It really can be as simple as this to profit in any market…

swing trading software

Get Free Upgrades with your Home Trading System

We also include Free Upgrades to your swing trading software as and when they are released. Your system will always be kept as up to date as it can be, without you having to pay for any minor or major upgrades to your product at all. The Home Trading System is designed to deliver your complete peace of mind so you can always experience the Home Trading System at its very best.


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Take charge of your own trading and become self-reliant, not dependent on the advice of others. Get on with walking your own distinct path to financial freedom and start living the life you choose right now. We want to make our flagship trading software as accessible as we can so that everyone has the chance to experience and benefit from its awesome power and ease of use.

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