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Get the Squeeze on the Big Moves Before they even happen using the Squeeze Indicator

This is our own updated version of a squeeze indicator more commonly known as the ‘Squeeze’. It aims to capture breakout moves by using the relationship between the well-known Bollinger Bands and the Keltner Channels.

As soon as the Bollinger Bands breakout of the Keltner Channels, the squeeze indicatorfires a trading signal. This is indicated by a bright white dot on the midline. A trade can be taken, in the direction of the momentum, when a white dot is present.

The Squeeze level is plotted as a ‘histogram’, represented by a series of vertical coloured lines. When the momentum fades, along with its colour, then the price is pulling back and it may be time to exit the trade.

The Squeeze Indicator is a fantastic product, which works great as both a filter and as a standalone tool. You can start using it right now to get the edge of a highly professional trader and increase your profits dramatically through trading momentum.

Indicator feature List:

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    Simple Install
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    Easy Colours
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    Directional Movement
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    Custom Inputs
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    Custom Colours
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Included Customer Support:

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    Indicator Documentation
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    Dedicated Online Support
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    Support Videos

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