Professional Trader Package

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Trading is one of the best things you can do to make a full time or extra income, though the setup costs to find yourself a winning trading system, fund an account and get the training you need can be very expensive. We have been thinking about something to help for some time and what we have come up with is great, you get everything you need to start trading, 2 systems to trade any timeframe, all the training you need from what broker to use to how to use your trading system. Everything you need is covered in this package.

Why do you need all this software?

To be in trading for the long run it is best not to try to badge yourself as a certain type of trader. If you only day trade then the days where the markets are flat you make no money and end up trying to enter trades which are not there. This is why its best to Day Trade and Swing Trade. It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. We spend about 30 mins per day Swing Trading with the Home Trading System, it may be entering new trades or adjusting stop losses. We also Day Trade when we have the time. This provides a stable monthly income from trading. This is something most traders do not achieve by overlooking this.

What you get is 2 of our trading systems:

Day Trading Software
Usually £800

Home Trading System
Usually £600

Scalping System
Usually £180


A Personal Trading Plan Written For You
Usually £500


1 Hour Live Coaching
Usually £500

Total Cost Usually: £2580


What do our customers say?

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Day Trading Software


Swing Trading Software

swing trading software

Scalping Software

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swing trading software