PriceTrack Indicator




Our PriceTrack Indicator

The Price Track Indicator is based on a modified moving average using a Gaussian filter.

We use this indicator in the Forex, Indices and Futures markets. Its used as an entry, exit and pullback indicator.

We take entries off it as the dots change colour and if we miss an entry we would take another one if the price pulls back to the dots.

Very simple to use indicator, can be used on any time frame.

You can trade this indicator with or without the Heikin-Ashi colour bars, we recommend trading it with them on because it gives you a second entry signal to enter.

Indicator feature List:

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    Simple Install
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    Easy Colours
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    Pullback Entry
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    Custom Inputs
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    Custom Colours
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Included Customer Support:

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    Indicator Documentation
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    Dedicated Online Support
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    Support Videos

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