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Our Moving Average Indicator

The Moving Average Indicator has been specifically designed to change colour, depending on which side of the line your instrument is trading on.

When the price is above the moving average the line will turn blue and when the price is below the moving average the line will turn red.

The moving average indicator can be set to match any period you chose and you can apply multiple instances to your chart. For example, you may want to watch the medium to long term 50 day moving average or the 200 day moving average on a chart. Or you might want a combination such as the 10 EMA, the 20 EMA, the 50 EMA and the 200 EMA all at once.

As price has a natural tendency to want to return to its average, these lines can really help to influence your trading decisions. You might want to trade away from the average once the price has decisively broken through it, or back towards the average once the price becomes highly extended.

Either way, the moving average indicator offers a fantastic visual representation and is a great addition to have on all of your charts, especially now that it is available in our custom colour scheme. Make sure you snap yours up quick and get your charts looking the way they were always meant to.

New Feature

We are now including alerts with the indicator, these can be set to warn you when a colour change occurs, as this may signal an important directional change for your chart. Alerts can be on screen or audio alerts, as well as email alerts. Just go to the settings pane to set up what you need and relax.

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    Easy Colours
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    Directional Movement
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    Custom Inputs
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