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Our Day Trading Software Allows You To Profit From The Markets With Ease

The Day Trader One is a brand new and revolutionary day trading system. We wanted to design the best trading system possible, so we analysed all the best day trading systems on the market and looked at their shortfalls. We remedied these shortfalls and then created the Day Trader One. We are incredibly excited to announce our new trading system. It has been designed to be as profitable and versatile as possible. It works on any currency, stock, index or commodity on any given time frame. It is a perfect tool for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders. It suits all styles of trading and is incredibly simple to use.

You Dont Just Get An Amazing Day Trading System

You Get A Path To Trading Success

Trade Any Market With Ease - Forex, Futures, Stocks, Indices

Below Are The Core Features

Our day trading software is a modular system composed of seven core features most of which can be switched on or off as required, to suit your trading style.

Painted Bars

The painted bars on Day Trader One automatically colour your bars or candlesticks blue or red depending on the direction the market is heading in. If the market is in a uptrend the bars will be coloured blue, if you are in a downtrend the bars will be coloured red. This this gives you a very clear indication of which direction the market is heading in so you can ensure you are trading with the trend to maximise your profitability trading. There is no need to second guess the market. The painted bars tell you exactly which direction the market is heading in.


Ranging bars

A fantastic feature of our day trader one is the ranging bars. When the market has no clear direction it is ranging. Trading a ranging instrument is a traders worst nightmare as it is incredibly difficult to make any profit. In order to make money trading a market needs to move. With the Day Trader One If the bars are not filled then they are ranging so you know not to enter the trade. The ranging bars are a fantastic feature which ensure you do not get caught up in a market that does not move. Couple this with the painted bars and you will always be trading in the correct direction.

The Heat Map

The Heat Map is a fantastic real-time indicator which will further increase your profitability by ensuring you are trading with the trend. It gives that added confirmation to the painted bars. It is a great visual tool to tell which markets are trending the most. By using the trend map you will really ensure you only take the trades with the highest chances of success as well as perfecting your entry and exit.

The Heat Map shows you 4 different colours:

Blue-The markets are in a strong uptrend so you should be looking to buy.

Red-The markets are in a strong downtrend so you should be looking to sell.

Dark blue-The uptrend is ending and may well reverse. This is a good place to take profits for buy trades.

Dark red– The downtrend is ending and may well reverse. This is a good place to take profits on sell trades.


Support and Resistance

The Day Trader One gives calculates support and resistance zones with absolute precision. Support and resistance levels are essential for any trader. Most major moves in the markets occur from support and resistance areas. Likewise most moves stop at support and resistance levels. Trading from support and resistance levels is incredibly profitable but many traders find it difficult to calculate support and resistance levels. This amazing feature eliminates all the confusion and gives objective support and resistance levels. Support and resistance levels are great for entry and exit. If you have a strong trend and you pullback to support or resistance then you have a very high probability trade. Likewise if price is struggling at a support and resistance area it is a perfect place to take your profit. Trade from support and resistance areas and will will enhance your profitability even more.

Breakout of support and resistance

Trading breakouts of support and resistance is a very popular and profitable way to trade. Once there is a breakout of support and resistance a very big trade can follow. However, traders often find it difficult to tell if a breakout is valid or strong enough. The Day Trader One gives you a very clear signal that the support and resistance levels have been broken and you can expect a big move. This is one of the most common ways to profit from trading.


Simple email alerts

The Day Trader One also offers you simple email alerts so you do not have to stare at your screen all day.

Free training

Once you purchase the Day Trader One, you get a Personal Trading Plan written for you, a 1 hour live coaching session, access to our Private Facebook Group where there are lots of other traders using this software and also monthly live ontrack webinars where we go through the trades we have taken and the trades we are looking to take.


What Do Our Customer Say?

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2 Trading Weeks Commencing - September 3rd 2019

Total Profit  +$3550

Get Free Upgrades with your Day Trading Software

We also include Free Upgrades to your day trading software as and when they are released. Your system will always be kept as up to date as it can be, without you having to pay for any minor or major upgrades to your product at all.