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stock trading software

Stock Trading Software

Stock Trading Software is something we use in trading to find entry and exit points when entering stocks as well as stop losses. They are usually a fully packed series of tools to help you enter, manage and exit trades. Check out this article to find out more.

What makes the Day Trader One so special

The Day Trader One is our day trading software which we use everyday to take money out of the Forex, Futures and stock markets. It is built with all the features you would expect from a professional trading system. Find out exactly what makes this software so special and why so many traders trust it to be the only trading system they will use.

What do you need to succeed in Forex Trading

In order to be a Forex trader. You must first understand what Forex trading is.

Forex trading is not as complicated as it sounds. Forex is the abbreviated version of foreign exchange Forex trading is simply one currency traded against the other. For example the EUR/USD is the Euro traded against the US Dollar. It is the Forex market which determines the value of one currency against another. The Forex market is huge and is always getting bigger. It has a daily volume of $4 trillion US dollars.

Tradingsim Review

We dont usually recommend other software because we develop most of the software you will ever need in house. Thats not to say that when something amazing is out there we dont comment on it. Check this blog post out to find out more about TradingSim

eSignal Forex Symbols

eSignal Forex Symbol List

I have put together a list of Forex symbols for use in the eSignal platform, this will work with eSignal On-demand or any of their premium services as long as you have some kind of Forex feed whether it be delayed or real-time the symbols list will be the same as below.

Forex Factory

Forex Factory

I spoke with two different traders this week about the Forex Factory Calendar which has prompted me to write an article on the topic. I didn’t realise that many Forex traders are not aware of economic calendars. This is a little unsettling for me because I was very lucky to find out about Forex Factory very early on in my trading.